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Quail Ridge Fitness Center

If you enjoy exercise and a good workout, join the fitness-minded members at Quail Ridge!


Winter Hours –  Monday – Thursday   7am-4pm.    Friday – Sunday   8am – 3pm


Quail Ridge has partnered with Personal Triumph Fitness & Wellness

Quail Ridge provides golf and recreation services for its members. Personal Triumph Fitness & Wellness focuses on the fitness relationship. Quail Ridge has engaged Personal Triumph Fitness & Wellness to provide its members with an enhanced and extended fitness offering without raising fees across the board. As a Quail Ridge member, you can take our free fitness orientation class, which will introduce you to safe and effective use of the facility. Post orientation, we provide you with guidance, advice and support as part of your standard Quail Ridge membership. Training programs are available at an additional cost. By having a pay-per-use system, we can keep costs down for people who do not want those services. Since Personal Triumph Fitness & Wellness does not own the equipment or facility, nor are we paying trainers, we can keep our rates very affordable. Non-Quail Ridge members can also attend classes, workshops and personal training sessions. We want your fitness experience to be friendly, relaxed and non-intimidating.  Stop by, call 978.621.8005 to learn more or visit www.personal-triumph.com
Listed below are some of our services:

Private Personal Training:  Everyone should have a regular, on-going relationship with a trainer or coach who can help you stay healthy and happy. One does not have to have weekly trainings but have a time booked with a trainer/coach every month or two. Even if you are in great shape, you can fine-tune your program, find new exercises, be pushed through a threshold or re-connect when you find exercise getting boring.  We do not require you to pay thousands in advance. Just pay for what is scheduled a week in advance!

Group Personal Training:  In addition to our classes and private personal training, we also provide small group trainings. These sessions can be between friends or people of like interest and ability. These allow you to work with a trainer to get exercise and split the training costs. They can be more enjoyable because you are engaging with others. We can customize exercise and deliver classes based on the likes of the participants or just provide a boot camp style format. We make it fun and effective! Get some friends together for a private class!

Private Wellness Coaching:  One of the fastest growing segments in the health and fitness world is coaching. They are to your mind and soul what personal training is to your body. They are for people who need a little help in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, get stronger or improve the overall quality of your life – coaching can help you achieve it.

Athletic Conditioning: (ages 16+) Do you want to be more athletic? Do you want to improve your performance in sport? This class consists of building agility, speed, power, endurance and shedding fat. The class includes a full body stretch, intervals, circuit, plyometrics, agility, martial arts training, balance, endurance, core work, games and recovery phases to repair your tired muscles. We will take a series of benchmarks to demonstrate how you have progressed. There is nothing like it! Tell the guy in your life about it. This is a challenging course so some conditioning is required. Please be able to do five push-ups, ten sit-ups and jump rope on opening night.

Body Blast (Poolside): We call this class Body Blast and we do it by the pool in the morning! We will perform body weight exercises, cardio kickboxing, walking/jogging, circuit training, serious core work, stretching and a short imagery session to set your day off! On rainy days we will take the class indoors to the beautiful studio space. This is an intermediate level intensity you will need to be able to do a few pushups, sit-ups and jumps as a requirement of participation. We will meet in a beautiful setting, get your heart-pumping, tighten your muscles and bring you down with a stretch and end in a quiet moment. This is a beautiful and unique way to start your day!

Yoga: We offer vinyasa and svaroopa forms of yoga. Our instructor Steve has a calm, compassionate, and gentle teaching style that is a perfect match for anyone looking for a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating yoga experience. He especially enjoys introducing new students to Svaroopa® with its restorative and healing qualities. With Steve’s intuitive teaching style, he is able to tailor his classes to focus on his students’ individual needs for that particular session. Students with ailments such as lower back pain, tight hamstrings, sciatica, or tension in the back and shoulders, can expect to experience significant relief from Steve’s classes. Steve enjoys sharing yoga with children too. He has utilized his Color Me Yoga® for Kids certification to create and implement yoga programs for elementary school children in the area. Steve’s calm and compassionate approach to teaching is great for beginners of any age or ability who are looking for an easy, gentle and relaxing Yoga practice.

Living Your Best Classes:  Do you have the tools to live the best life possible for you? Do you want more good things? Do you feel stuck or have you given up? There is a way to live your best. There is mental exercise!  This class will teach you how to use proper thinking to bring more focus, peace, positivity, passion and control to your life. We will introduce common concepts and techniques that you will use in your life to make what you have better and do it effortlessly by thinking right! We will meet in a beautiful sunny studio once per week or on the upper patio and build on the previous lesson. You should experience a more vibrant self in the first lesson and only get better.  The instructor is one of only 1200 people certified in this approach to positive psychology in the world.

MyTriumph Weight Loss Class: The fast and long-term weight loss solution – Take it off and keep it off! We start with small group exercise consisting of cardio (burn fat), resistance (tone and shape) and core (form and function). Then add cardio equipment on off days, support from your group, bi-weekly private weigh-in and accountability, body fat and analysis testing (optional), humanistic eating/nutrition program to avoid deprivation and access to the Living Your Best Class to help you deal with your focus, motivation and long-term consistency.

Tennis Conditioning:  (ages 16+) You play hard but is your game hampered by your ability to get to the ball at the beginning or end of the match. How would your game benefit by improving your conditioning specific to tennis and improving your endurance to finish hard? In this class we will develop general conditioning but focus on the specific requirements of tennis. This training will emphasize first-step explosiveness, agility, change of direction, balance, speed and power. Each session will last 85 minutes. We will perform training on the clay courts at Quail Ridge for skills work, in the studio for functional work and in the strength room for additional strength and conditioning leading to endurance. This class is for people who play tennis and can perform moderate exercise. This class is about performance and requires lots of movement.

Youth (ages 12-14) Fitness Class: Is your kid not into sports but needs to burn energy? Many kids do not like team sports activities but enjoy lifting weights because they get confidence from seeing their weights increase, feel their muscles work and see changes in their bodies; that change often leads to engaging in sports or just feel more confident. Training meets with the American Academy of Pediatrics standards for safety. We will perform strength exercises on machines, perform agility work and strengthen our core. Although this class is fitness focused, this class will help kids develop strength, conditioning and give them more confidence and ability in sports. This class welcomes all and especially the less active.

Ken Silva is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. He has completed his training from WellCoaches as a wellness coach. Both the American College of Sports Medicine and WellCoaches are the gold standard in their respective fields. He studied Fitness Management. He has a black belt in Shotokan karate, participates in kickboxing and has trained in many sports. He combines his knowledge of fitness, athletics and kinesiology to improve the performance of students and clients. He is first aid and CPR certified.

To learn more, set an appointment for personal training, wellness coaching or to register for a class please visit www.personal-triumph.com

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