Quail Ridge Fitness Center

Quail Ridge Fitness Center

If you enjoy exercise and a good workout, join the fitness-minded members at Quail Ridge!



Quail Ridge has partnered with Tara Fit & Wellness


This visit is your first step in a healthier and better you!  I work to custom design a unique health program that fits into your schedule and addresses your specific needs.  I ensure the exercise experience works for you.  This one-on-one training has a simple goal:  A better you!


Personal Training:

Personal training is an all-encompassing approach to improving health, wellness, and fitness. My training offers a variety of professional services in both short-term and long-term programs, including:


  • Cardio training
  • Weight training
  • Flexibility and strength training
  • Weight loss
  • Improved self image


I assess each my client’s current level of fitness, taking into account any current fitness activities, as well as, any current medical conditions or constraints they may have. When we begin, I:


  • Sit down and create a customized exercise program designed to help reach their unique health and fitness goals


  • Motivate and help clients lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, and build muscle


  • Enhance motivation, promote accountability, and insist in developing adherence in the long run to make exercise a regular part of your routine


  • Teach proper mechanics of each exercise and ensure that you are performing each with correct form, thus maximizing the efficiency of your workouts


Wellness Coaching:

Wellness is dynamic. It’s comprised of an interrelated set of dimensions including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual factors. Wellness is an active, lifelong practice that involves expanding knowledge, skills, values, practices and supportive environments that increase one’s ability to enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Through the use of behavior change strategies and sound coaching, I will help you set personal goals and assist in planning strategies that will guide you towards achieving them. Together, we will empower you with what is needed to make lifelong behavior changes that will allow you live a more enjoyable, healthy and balanced life.



  • BS in Sociology from Northeastern University
    • (Minor: Health and Nutrition)


  • Personal Trainer certified by AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)


  • CPR and First aid certified, by American Red Cross


  • Certified Wellness Coach,  (Spencer Institute)


  • Holds certificates issued from AFAA, in Nutrition, Exercise and Obesity, and Body Composition and Weight Management.


  • 10 years of experience


For further information, please contract [email protected], or go to www.tarafitandwellness.com for more details



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